Until the Ribbon Breaks, is a British band consisting of the frontman Pete Lawrie-Winfield and Elliot Wall. The band was founded in Cardiff, Wales in 2012, initially as Lawrie-Winfield's solo project and "blends genres like electronic, pop, rock, and hip-hop, but it’s all done with a sharp alternative edge"

I could never quite paint a face that looked like a face. I never did my trumpet practise and I dropped out of film school when it became about homework. Ever since i can remember, in whatever format I work in, I prefer to leave the door ajar; an open invitation to chaos and the potential for complete disaster. In my work, this I believe is my greatest strength. When applied to my personal life, this same philosophy eventually spiralled into alcohol soaked nihilism and ultimately a crippling lack of motivation and inspiration. Now almost two years without a drink, I have finally learnt ways to harness my own brand of insanity and throw it into the things that I create. For my own sake, this seemed like some kind of creative milestone and a turning point worth documenting.

“No more courage in the bottle, you are looking in the mirror” - Meru

Meru was the song that I had been waiting to write for almost a decade. A song about recovery, hope and sobriety that I actually meant. There were numerous failed attempts at a similar sentiment, but I simply wasn’t ready to stop the self destruction. Standing at 21,850 ft - Meru itself, is widely known as one of the worlds most difficult mountains to climb and the metaphor is s simple one; Start walking forwards and dont look down.

Compiling this collection of work - poetry, lyrics, photography and paintings, was at times difficult. Like diary entries written by a completely different person, with a colder, harder edge. it was by the same measure, incredibly therapeutic. I’m glad I found a way out of those feelings and now, with distance, I am proud of the work. The images that accompany the writing are from my travels along the way, India, America, Thailand, Europe.

Pete x